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  • The General Screw Manufacture Limited Company is specialized produce carbon steel screws, the stainless steel screws, the copper screws and the non- standard class fastener company in ZhongShan. The company was founded in January, 1987.Now the company has his own independent factory district. The company covers an area of 14000M2.At present, We produce the screw amounts to300 million grains each month

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    Customer type  

    Electronic and Electrc Appliance Manufacturers  |  Sanitaryware Manufacturers,
    Medical Devices Manufacturers  |  Fumiture and Home Appliance Manufacturers,
    Machinery Manufacturers  |  Auto Parts Manufacturers,etc.

    Principal products  

    Self-tapping screw  |  Triangle screw  |  Machine screw,
    Locking screw  |  Nut  |  Spring washers  |  Plain washers

    Material type  

    Carbon Steel  |  Stainless Steel(302、303、304、316、XM7……)

      About Us

    Zhongshan General Screw Manufacture Co.,Ltd. will get all responsibility on all figure dimensions difference and any broken in field based on normal using conditions..Whilst also get all responsibility on all wrong operation by us if available.


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